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Holy Wisdom Retreats

Into the Sacred Lodge of the Feminine


Damaris Jarboux and Claudia McLaren Lainson

In the heights, the mantle of the Stars
In the depths, the life of the Mother
In between, the Weavers


The Native Americans tell the story of White Buffalo Calf Women
In Christianity- Divine Sophia; Daughter of God, equated with Mother Mary
In Judaism, the canonical Hebrew scriptures of Proverbs call her Wisdom Sophia
In Sufism, Khalq is that aspect of creation known as eternal wisdom or Sophia
In Hinduism, she is Shakti, Kali, Devi * The Kabahla refers to her as Shekinah
In Buddhism, she is Kuan Yin * Tibetan Buddhism, Tara * In Taoism, Wu-Ji, The One
To the Egyptians, she was Isis * To the Greeks, she was Wisdom


She goes by many names and comes to all peoples...this is the time of her coming. We gather for we are called to start weaving. It has become a world imperative that the web
between Holy Wisdom and the hearts of humanity be woven.


We invite you to join us on a 6-day retreat for women to practice the awakening of new
capacities through the combining of Qigong, Cosmic Dance, Hot Mineral Water,
Fire Ritual and Devotional Anthroposophia.


$1700 DOUBLE OCCUPANCY includes all          *          Deposit $500

Feb 23 – Feb. 29, 2020 @ Joyful Journey Hot Springs, CO       *

Additional Info & FAQ

Damaris at (303) 447-0484, [email protected]
Claudia at (303) 661-9579, [email protected]




Although we do not know exactly all "She" will be bringing through, we do know that our focus will be on the divine feminine, Holy Wisdom/ Divine Sophia (as She is often called) internally and externally. The retreat will be practical, experiential and conceptual. We will be combining the devotional practices of Anthroposophia (a Christian mystical approach) and Chi Kung practice. Quite literally doing qigong to Center, open, cleanse and strengthen the energies in us and around us and using Eurythmy practice to further connect with Sophia/The One. Claudia and Damaris will be combining their experience and wisdom to weave, hold and deepen the group experience. They have previously taught together for many years in these inner arts and know that they can trust the magic that arises from the harmonious joining of their ways. 

We will look at the needs of a women's soul at this time on the Earth and how we might name this in our internal and external lives. We will explore how these needs affect our relationships to the men in our lives and how we might move toward healing the yin-yang balance in our world. We will work with some general naming/ healing practices that all women, who are ready, might embrace for themselves and their families and will practice working with Sophia to perceive name and cleanse invasive energies. Our group intention will be to strengthen this relationship to Holy Wisdom/ The One, making it more conscious, more real and alive and therefore working FOR us. Other than that, who can say what it will be, it will come FROM the women that gather at Joyful Journey Hot Springs each time and THROUGH the circle as a whole. *** 

The divine mysteries of the feminine face of God are guiding us into new relationships to our partners, our community and to the events of world destiny. We can become active in strengthening our soul in communion with this Divine Being, Sophia, and in so doing stand in our lives as fierce and compassionate warrioresses of a new world becoming.

We will be investigating the manifold ways through which we can harmonize our lives in concordance to Her mysteries. We will practice seeing world and personal events as Her story. We will create a sacred circle into which Her guidance will inspire us to new capacities, heralding a humble beginning towards the dawn of a new balance.

The sacred masculine cannot speak but through the light of His Divine consort. The fall of the feminine in western culture has silenced the spirit who has no chalice within which to create. Together, the Divinities of Masculine and Feminine will form a stream that represents what is truly human. Sub human forces are creating a sub humanity. Yet, if one penetrates the illusion of materialism, one sees the rise of the Mother, the Light of the Daughter and the whisperings of their messenger; the force that weaves between the two. In Ancient Egypt Isis sought Osiris. In our modern culture it is Osiris that is seeking his Isis.

When women gather under these sacred mysteries and work through Eurythmy, creating energy currents of alignment, and through conscious immersion into the healing energies of Chi Kung, the objective reality of our divine heritage comes into oneness with our striving volition. Beyond the streams of differing perspective, different names and diverse paths lies the unity that is whole because of its diversity. This retreat will be the coming together of unity through diversity. May the Love, Light and Life of spiritual reality find us.


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